Fire Stopping and Fire/Cavity Barriers

Introduction to Passive Fire Protection

Fire Stopping and Passive Fire Protection measures provide protection by their very existence and are largely unseen. However, they are vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure in case of a fire. Where Passive Fire Protection measures, with their proven fire performance properties are built in the structure, they provide stability and separate the building into areas of manageable risk (Fire Compartments).

The concept of compartmentalization, in conjunction with fire-containing and fire-resistant materials i.e. intumescent coatings and fire protection boarding and penetration seals throughout walls, floors and doors, is intended to contain a fire in its area of origin. Thus, limiting the spread of fire, heat and smoke for a limited period of time to allow occupants to escape and to provide access for fire fighters.

Compartmentation can be achieved by the use of fire-stopping products to seal apertures and imperfections of fit, or design tolerance between fire resisting structures throughout buildings in a variety of locations including:

  • Penetration Seals – where services pass through fire separating elements and/or compartment walls or floors
  • Linear Joint Seals – between fire resisting elements of building construction e.g. the junction between a wall and a ceiling
  • Small Cavity Barriers – at imperfections in the building process e.g. at the junctions of walls/floors with cladding, between separating walls and a roof over, and between leaves of masonry walls etc.
  • Large Cavity Barriers – e.g. to subdivide large roof spaces, under floor voids etc
    ASFP Red Book: Fire-stopping 4th Edition

It is strongly recommended that wherever possible, passive fire protection products should be supported by third party certification and that clients, end-users and specifiers should always specify third party certified products.

At Elite Fire Solutions, we always take great pride in making sure our team is fully capable of carrying out their job to a professional, high-quality level and all products we install are third party accredited and are tested in accordance with BS476 and/or EN 1366-3.  We also work closely with manufacturers to ensure their products are being used in the way in which they have been tested to ensure compliance with the specified fire strategy and Part B and up to date with any new regulations and fire stopping methods. We are also UKAS certified Third Party Installers through IFC Certification Ltd who are our accreditation body. Please click here to view our certificate.

At Elite Fire Solutions we can provide the supply and installation of the following fire stopping products:

  • Fire-rated ablative coated batts
  • Load bearing and non-load bearing fire-rated compounds
  • Intumescent mastic seals
  • Fire curtains
  • Pipe collars and wraps
  • Fire resistant silicones
  • Fire-rated movement joints
  • Intumescent pillows

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